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How to avoid hidden costs during roof replacement?

In this article I will show you a few things to look for when assessing the integrity of your own roof.

I’m not sure if there is a more important part of a building or house as its roof. So why is it the last thing we think about when it comes to its maintenance or construction?

Why do we think that a roof is not more important as choosing which colors to paint the exterior or interior? It’s mainly because of the old adage if it ain’t broke don’t fix it. However when was the last time you inspected it?

Valleys, Gutters or downspouts that are meant to allow water to flow away from the roof in a controlled manner. Some of them direct water away from the foundation and some pour directly on the ground. Some are plumbed to a nearby catch basin for rain water run off. Debris, dirt, leaves, trash and airplane soot flies through the air and stays on your roof. While raining 🌧 this debris washes down toward the downspouts clogging them and creating ponding water. Roofs are designed to shed water by gravity. They are not designed for being submerged. So being vigilant maintaining a smooth flow and no debris clogging the drainage is one of the most important things to look for.

Another is penetrations such as pipes or fasteners. Are they corrosion resistant? Are they protected by sealants? Many cases pvc pipe for plumbing ventilation relys on the sealant between two materials to seal the penetration When inspecting pay particular attention to the adhesion of the flashing material to the sub-surface. Check the integrity of the clamp and the adhesive sealant along the top of the clamp.

Flashings...what to look for.

Many people don’t realize that the paint of the Exterior is used as a waterproofer for the walls and if not properly painted leaks can start from the wall and work its way into the building or house behind the stucco finish.

Inspecting the paint of the exterior is done with a special tool that measures the thickness of the painted surface along multiple areas. I have found that involving a paint manufacture like Sherwin Williams early in the project is critical because they will produce a manual and specs for all the paint they supply with full warranty.

So now that your on the roof take a look at the surfaces that protect the underlying waterproofing membrane. Make sure no tiles are broken or holes in the shingles. These protecting surfaces are most known as the material you see on the outside like the terra-cotta barrel tile roof or the standing seam metal roof. These tough materials have been selected because of their durability to the elements and style that is typical of certain regions of where it became famous in. (Mediterranean - Clay Tile, Key West - Standing Seam Metal , Cottage Style Wood Shake) In commercial roofs this can be built-up roofing, Bitumen Modified roofing, or PVC, TPO, EPDM, Fiberglass. Blisters and ponding are among the most common indicators of a roof that needs repair.

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