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Which is the best roof coating material for a commercial roof.

Ok so all roof systems are supposed to be waterproof right??? Well.... you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover it’s not that simple.

Let’s start with a simple plywood sheet roof and some pitch for the rain to slide off.

Ok technically you have a roof that if you stand under will not get you wet if the wood could not absorb the water.

Throughout the years and from the beginning of time we humans have been struggling with making a reliable roof.

These roofs by what some official definitions say is a system composed by multiple parts.


Waterproofing material

And protector of waterproofing material

This we call the roofing system.

The reason why roof leaks happen is because the waterproof layer fails.

This is because the of the penetrations that go through the waterproof barrier and create holes. Like nails that secure the waterproof layer to the structural board below.

Water will find its way back to the ground one way or another.

The best way I’ve found to really have the last roof system you will ever need is by encapsulating the roof with a material that can be fluid applied around every penetration. The material would need to be Sun proof, fireproof, wind uplift proof, seamless, puncture resistant, and yes of course waterproof.

However not all fluid applied roof materials are created equally.

Some materials that are for sale at the. Big box stores are usually, acrylic, silicone, tar and cold patch. Results show that none of these materials can really withstand the responsibility of protecting the roof long term.

When was the last time you thought about the roof? I mean really...

Thing is we really don’t... until it’s a problem.

Then we go through a research phase for the best and quickest way to fix your new roofleak.

So if we know now that penetrations are the source of the problem how do we prevent it and can it be a viable long term solution?

Remember I said not all fluid applied materials are created equally.

Well the usually come in three flavors from the big box store: acrylic, silicone, petroleum based mastic for repairs.

Acrylic materials don’t have good properties with the sun they don't stretch.

Silicone materials can not be recoated and tear.

Both materials don’t stand up to the weather, they tear and don’t offer puncture resistance.

The other petroleum based mastic has been used by many years however it cracks therefore causing to be unreliable as a long term solution.

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